Property & Casualty Management System

Policy, Claims, Billing, Reinsurance

General Insurance Management System (GIMS)

GIMS represents Tritech's efforts of being strategically positioned in the insurance industry with a system that currently incorporates the functionality of the complete insurance processing solution. It provides facilities for the establishment and administration of both property and casualty portfolios. It runs on modern technology, such as Windows, .NET, Oracle and SQL Server.

GIMS is a modular client based system supporting all lines of business and designed to support multiple companies, branches, provinces/states/parishes, and languages.

GIMS open and flexible infrastructure is user definable by way of the System Support Center (SSC). It enables flexibility in the definition and control of the automation of all business process and desired functionalities, as driven by the client’s business requirements and strategic market directions.

GIMS modules include:

  • Policy Underwriting; on-line history,  rate, quote, bind and issue
  • Billing methods; agency and direct (EFT, Credit Card, Lockbox)
  • Claims Management; reserves by insured loss or expense, salvage, subrogation, bulk and re-occurring payments
  • Reinsurance tracking across all contract types: facultative, treaty, excess, catastrophe
  • Management reporting by every product, process, transaction, department; and Data warehouse
  • Workflow management tools to review work that requires authorization to process, and to see the pressure points on volume in those processes within the transaction pipe
  • Bureau filing (NAII, ISO, State/Province)
  • Financial reporting (GL & AP), ODBC and API interfaces available
  • 3rd party interfaces with banks, MVR bureaus, claims history, credit reports, rating / rates advisory organizations.

Policy Administration

GIMS Policy Administration has set new highs in the underwriting, rating, and policy issue process. Now you can enter, edit, and review complete information at a single workstation or push this function to the point of service through Windows, or browser-based applications — a one-step process that eliminates redundant entry and heavy paper-file dependency. Once the necessary information is entered, the policy issue process is real-time and interactive. All subsequent transactions such as billing, statistical reporting, printing, and renewal are automatically scheduled.

Some of the features include:

  • Applications and Quotes
  • New Business
  • Endorsements
  • Cancellations
  • Reinstatements, with lapse
  • Automated renewals with coverage replacements
  • Manual and automated correspondence
  • Document issuance
  • MVR, Credit and Claim reporting
  • Agency Portfolio Transfer
  • Automated Workflow Process
  • Workflow management tools to review work that requires authorization to process, and to see the pressure points on volume in those processes within the transaction pipe
  • Client specific 3rd party support
  • Enhanced lienholder, lessor, mortgagee.

Our Policy Administration employs intelligent screens to reduce entry time, thus speeding up the entire quote and policy issuance process, rating and underwriting.

Rate, Quote, Issuance

GIMS is supported by a business rule and rating engine, called the System Support Centre, which is extremely open and flexible. The unparalleled architecture improves time-to-market, reduces support and maintenance costs by enabling business analysts to change rates and products at any time, without any knowledge of programming. Change in rates and coverage can be setup, tested and distributed well in advance, and become effective instantly on a scheduled date/time, simultaneously in the main system and in all remote point of sale locations. Changes that in the past with legacy architecture could take months to change, test, and deploy; are reduced to days and weeks.

The System Support Centre, via the use of table based setup, provides rates, processing rules, and edits for all personal and commercial lines, across all p&c insurance transaction types.

Billing Module

  • Offers flexible payment methods and processing
  • Handles direct and agency billing for all lines of business
  • Manages refunds
  • Manages commissions and agent deductions
  • Supports over/under payments, partial payments and write-offs within defined amounts
  • Offers collection processing with generation of letters and 3rd party notices
  • Supports post dated cheques (unlinked payments) processing
  • Offers enhanced functionality on system warnings to premium and claims departments
  • Handles automatic reinstatement/cancellation based on payment/non-payment
  • Offers billing by account, for multiple policies on the same payment plan
  • Provides easy access to the billing information for servicing customers and agents


The reinsurance module supports underwriting and claims processes, and automatically calculates the reinsurance amounts for your ceded reinsurance processes.

The following are automatically applied to all policy and claim transactions as required, based on lines of business and insurable amounts:

  • Treaties, on various layers
  • Quota share and Surplus
  • Excess of loss
  • Catastrophe

Claim Management

The claims module seamlessly integrates with the policy management system. All common information is transferred from policies to claims. The coverages are cross-checked to ensure their existence as of the date of loss. The claims are tracked by the diary system from first notice of loss to final payment.

The reserve adjustments could be made as a new reserve or as the amount by which the reserve is to be changed. The system automatically reduces the reserve by the amount of the claim payments.


  • Loss and fee reserving
  • Single, bulk and re-occurring payments
  • Salvage and subrogation
  • Litigation tracking
  • IBNR claim tracking and development
  • Claims history reporting
  • Catastrophe claim reporting
  • Multiple currency cheque issuance
  • Accommodates claims paid by another insurer

3rd Party Integration

GIMS interoperates seamlessly with 3rd Party Interfaces as required by each jurisdiction:

  • Auto Plus - MVR
  • RCT
  • HITS
  • Bank Interfaces
  • RSP
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