Point of Sale Solution

With Tritech’s Point of Sale (POS) System, you will get all you need to fulfill your insurance sales lifecycle with our easy to use fully automated system. Our POS solution provides new business and endorsement quoting for Automobile and Personal Property. The best part is that you can be assured that the system will be driven by your business rules, products and rates. This will allow you to maximize your sale opportunities.

Our easy to use screens deliver a comprehensive experience to both agents and consumers.

POS provides a fully automated new business process from a draft quote to full risk quote, to collecting case-specific approvals and legal documentation for the policy. It also offers communication workflow between the agent and underwriter.

The system provides a flexible setup by allowing business analysts to create and version the following:

  • Packages, coverages, limits and deductibles
  • Rating factor tables, algorithms and steps
  • Discount factor tables
  • Validation tables: required fields, required documents, underwriter approvals and notifications, errors, etc.

POS offers deep integration with industry-specific data providers:

  • Current carrier
  • Driver Motor Vehicle Record
  • Claims
  • Credit score
  • Vehicle score
  • Vinmaster
  • Zip Code

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