Software as a Service

Tritech specializes in providing a flexible Service Bureau option for companies that require to outsource all of their data processing to a third party provider. Tritech has many years of expertise providing these services, and today companies in this arrangement are taking full advantage of the latest technology advancements that we are continuously bringing forward.

Tritech’s "Virtual P&C Insurance Solution Centre" provides a complete Internet-based P&C solution. This outsourced solution is flexible and easily managed by your business analysts.

The Outsourcing Solution is based on Annual Gross Written Premiums processed through the facility. Our clients have reduced their annual IT costs by up to 50% and more. The only additional costs are for your personal computers and connections to the data center. Secure access is provided to any User from anywhere.

The following outlines some of the services and components that we provide:

Services and Components that we provide:

  • High-availability hardware with fault-tolerant disk subsystem and power outage protection
  • The General Insurance Management System (GIMS) and the Application development licenses
  • Document Issuance and Management System

Operational activities:

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